The RN School Tal-Handaq Malta
(now Liceo M. A. Vassalli)
Photographs of the school taken in July 2004, July 2005 and March 2006
This website contains more than 450 photographs of what was the Royal Naval School Tal-Handaq, Malta. The
site also includes five full 360 degree rotating panoramas. Over 100 of the photos were taken by Mr. Marc Spiteri,
an ex pupil and teacher at the Liceo Vassalli. There are still many more photos yet to be uploaded and I will continue
to add personal reminiscences from my time as a 1st to 3rd year pupil from 1957 to 1960 as I remember them.
All images have been heavily optimised to keep webpage loading times to a minimum.

Tal Handaq has been a school since January 1947, although at that time only the buildings in the southern and
central area of the present day school had been built. The remaining buildings were constructed in the early/mid
1950's, initially with the objective of supporting a complement of some 800 pupils. However, during the three
years I attended the school, numbers had increased well beyond expectation and by the time I left Malta at the end
of the 1959/60 term, the school held over 1000 pupils. Even so, class size was still not excessive - in fact I don't
think there were ever more than 25 in any of my classes. With the exception of a few short months in 1972, Tal-
Handaq was a secondary school for British forces children until it's closure in July 1978.

A much more comprehensive history of the RN School Tal-Handaq was written by ex. headmaster, Captain M.F.Law
and is available to read at: http://www.tal-handaq.freeserve.co.uk/history.htm

Tal Handaq Malta - Take a walk through the old school gates...
Latest update: 10th August, 2007 (new pics)
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Once you've had a good look round this website, if you are still interested in finding out
more about Tal Handaq School - or even tracking down old friends - you should check out
the "Common Room" at the official "RN School Tal-Handaq Reunion Association" website.
It's a great site and really worth a look.
The original Royal Naval School Tal Handaq School Shield
The Royal Naval School Flagpole
"Love the game rather than the
Tal Handaq will always hold a special place in our heart, so do take a good look round and enjoy the
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Head Boy and Prefect badges with kind permission of Craig Love, TH/55-58
Snapshot of satellite image
of Tal-Handaq school, taken
approximately May 2006.

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version with an optional key
to the buildings.
Google Earth
Satellite image of Tal-Handaq
This website also contains
aerial photos of Tal-Handaq
showing the school as it
looked in:
Other Aerial Views
Note: This image was taken
after ground clearing work (NE
of grounds) had been
completed in preparation for
building of the new school.
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Latest Updates
School pics from 1949
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photographs of the school?

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Latest update: 4th February 2012
2007 aerial pic of school
Shows new building and football
pitches. Block7 demolished